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More Than 55,000 New Jersey Workers Gain Paid Sick Days Protections in a Single Week

It's been an exciting week for paid sick days! Yesterday, Elizabeth, New Jersey, became the 10th city in the state to pass a paid sick days law. And last week, the Jersey City Council voted to expand the city’s paid sick days law. This is tremendous progress, but hundreds of thousands of workers in the state still cannot earn a single paid sick day.

Domestic Violence Survivors Need and Deserve Workplace Support

It is fitting that October is both National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and National Work and Family Month because supportive workplace policies, such as paid sick and "safe" days, help make it possible for domestic violence survivors to get the help they need without sacrificing their jobs or ability to make ends meet.

A Labor Day to Remember!

This morning, the president will issue an executive order requiring federal contractors and subcontractors to allow all employees who work on their federal contracts to earn paid sick time. When it takes effect in 2017, an estimated 300,000 more workers will earn paid sick time.

State and Local Campaigns

Interactive Map: Paid Sick Days Campaigns, Statistics and Stories

Click on the interactive map below to view the latest campaign updates.

State with a paid sick days campaign State with campaign
Orange shading represents existing legislation. State with paid sick days victory
City or county with a paid sick days campaign City or county with campaign
City or county with a paid sick days victory City or county with paid sick days victory

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For a PDF document of all the active paid sick days campaigns nationwide, click here.