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Victory! Oregon Will Soon Be Fourth State to Guarantee Paid Sick Days

Last Friday, June 12 , nearly half of all private sector workers in Oregon woke up hoping that a case of the flu, strep throat or some other common and contagious illness wouldn’t force them to choose between staying home to recover or care for a sick child and the jobs and wages they need to put food on the table.

Take Action to Advance the Healthy Families Act

Earlier this spring, a bipartisan majority of U.S. senators voted in favor of a nonbinding paid sick days budget amendment. For paid sick days advocates, this promising development was a unique opportunity for action and accountability. Today, the work to turn that symbolic vote into meaningful support continues.

New Analysis Reveals Disparities in Workers’ Paid Sick Days Access Across States

Even though 21 jurisdictions in the United States have or will soon have a paid sick days law in place, millions of workers throughout the country don’t have access to paid sick days. That’s the key finding of a new analysis by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, in collaboration with the National Partnership for Women & Families.

State and Local Campaigns

Click on the interactive map below to view the latest campaign updates.

State with a paid sick days campaign State with campaign
Orange shading represents existing legislation. State with paid sick days victory
City or county with a paid sick days campaign City or county with campaign
City or county with a paid sick days victory City or county with paid sick days victory

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For a PDF document of all the active paid sick days campaigns nationwide, click here.