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U.S. Senator Patty Murray Rallies Paid Sick Days Advocates

Paid sick days advocates from across the country got a boost from U.S. Senator Patty Murray today. Murray is the lead Senate sponsor of the Healthy Families Act and she championed the recent budget amendment that garnered bipartisan support for paid sick days. Today, she joined a national coalition call to talk about the issue.

Five Reasons You Should Care About the U.S. Senate’s Paid Sick Days Vote

In a flurry of budget amendment votes in the U.S. Senate last week, those of us who advocate for paid sick days and other family friendly workplace policies witnessed an encouraging and unprecedented sign of progress. The vote was promising, but there is more work to do.

Paid Leave Announcements Confirm the Country is Ready for 21st Century Leave Policies

Cross-posted from the Huffington Post. It's clear that America's families, lawmakers and employers are ready for action to advance paid sick days and paid leave policies. The Obama administration's new effort, combined with continued progress in jurisdictions and at individual companies like Microsoft, will make that even clearer.

State and Local Campaigns

Click on the interactive map below to view the latest campaign updates.

State with a paid sick days campaign State with campaign
Orange shading represents existing legislation. State with paid sick days victory
City or county with a paid sick days campaign City or county with campaign
City or county with a paid sick days victory City or county with paid sick days victory

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For a PDF document of all the active paid sick days campaigns nationwide, click here.