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The Problem

Nearly four in 10 private sector workers — and 81 percent of the lowest-wage workers — do not have paid sick days to care for their own health. And millions more don’t have paid sick days to care for a sick child. For these workers, the decision to take time off from work to recover from an illness — or to care for a sick child or family member — is a choice between their health and their financial security. For millions of Americans, taking time off from work due to illness or family emergency means sacrificing much-needed income and risking loss of a job.

It’s just not right. Everyone gets sick — and everyone deserves time to get better without risking their economic security.

The Solution

Workers need a paid sick days standard that would give them the economic security to stay home when sick, when they need to see a doctor, or when a family member needs medical care. And the public agrees: 75 percent see paid sick days as a basic worker’s right, and there is broad public support — across all demographic and partisanship groups — for setting a paid sick days standard.

The Healthy Families Act
The Healthy Families Act is federal legislation that would set a national paid sick days standard. The bill would enable workers to earn up to seven paid sick days a year to recover from an illness or care for a sick family member, or see a doctor. More

State and Local Paid Sick Days Legislation
State and local advocates are leading the way toward a national paid sick days standard by working to pass laws requiring employers to let workers earn paid sick days in their localities. Connecticut, San Francisco, Milwaukee, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia were the first places in the nation to pass paid sick days laws. More