National Partnership for Women & Families
A project of national partnership for women and families

Meet the Team!

The national paid sick days campaign staff members are here to serve you.

Campaign Leadership and Staff

Debra L. Ness
Rachel Lyons, Work and Family Government Affairs Manager
Rachel Lyons
Senior Government Affairs Manager
Judith L. Lichtman, Senior Advisor
Judith L. Lichtman
Senior Advisor
Sarah Fleisch Fink, Senior Policy Counsel
Sarah Fleisch Fink
Senior Policy Counsel
Christine Sloane
Outreach and Field Manager
Sarah E. Towne
Researcher and Writer
Vicki Shabo, Vice President
Vicki Shabo
Vice President
Amarillys Rodriguez
Program Assistant
Sadie Kliner, Senior Work and Family Communications Manager
Sadie Kliner
Senior Communications Manager, Workplace Programs