National Partnership for Women & Families

Paid Sick Days Campaigns

The National Campaign

The Healthy Families Act is federal legislation that would set a national paid sick days standard. The Healthy Families Act coalition advocates for passage of the bill and a national paid sick days standard through public education, mobilization and advocacy in order to secure paid sick days for tens of millions of Americans.

In the States

Paid sick days laws are or will soon be in place in 10 states, the District of Columbia and 22 other jurisdictions. More than 46 million private sector workers are covered by these laws.

In 2006, San Francisco became the first locality in the nation to guarantee access to paid sick days.

Since then, a movement has grown, helping tens of millions of workers gain access to paid sick days. States and localities across the country — from the East and West Coasts, to the Midwest and the South — continue to innovate, building a strong base of evidence and experience that help make the case for a strong national standard.

An up-to-date list of existing paid sick days laws can always be found here, and an analysis of each law can always be found here.

Legislators and advocates are currently advancing paid sick days proposals in Congress and through active campaigns in states and cities across the country.