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The Healthy Families Act would set a national paid sick days standard, allowing workers to earn up to seven paid sick days a year to recover from short-term illnesses like the flu, access preventive care, care for a sick family member or seek assistance related to domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. It is much needed and long overdue.

That’s why national, state and local organizations across the country are coming together with workers and business leaders to make sure lawmakers recognize the widespread benefits of establishing a paid sick days standard, the growing body of evidence demonstrating these benefits, and the urgent need for the Healthy Families Act.

And you can help:

Sign a Letter to Congress

By signing the national paid sick days coalition’s letter, you will join a growing list of organizations that are urging Congress to support workers and their families by passing the Healthy Families Act. Read the letter and then add your organization’s name by filling out the form below.

  • This form is for organizations, not individuals. National, state and local organizations are invited to sign the letter. Your organization may have signed a version of it in the past but, if your name does not appear on the version above, you must reaffirm your support.

  • By filling out this form, you are indicating that you have permission to sign your organization or company to a letter being sent to Congress or the executive branch. You are also permitting your organization’s name to be listed as a public supporter of the Healthy Families Act.

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